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Yes, believe it or not, among the woo-woo and spiritual, poetical and musical, mystical and out-there parts of my life I do indeed have a calling from time to time to use my Left Brain, too.

One such significant part of my career history was (and most usually still is) my life as Business Process Engineer, Project Manager, Forensics, Compliance and/or Information Security Guy... helping businesses to better operate more appropriately within the regulatory compliance of their industries. What can I say? It's a SOX and compliance thing I tend to like. I enjoy helping companies aim for Best Practices, and test internal controls for Sarbanes-Oxley or PCI or FACTA or SAS70, ISO9000, ISO17799. . . etc.

Yep. I also spent many a year as an IT Systems Engineer, (Unix guy) helping computers do their thing; configuring and building systems; writing process control code and scripting; monitoring the various components of an active business IT Architecture.

It can be different every day, but still all a day in the life of a guy whose business consulting background calls for different hats, different skills, according to the company he works with at the time. Sometimes short projects, sometimes more full-time gigs, it's all a part of the whole.

Recruiters and Employers looking for eligible applicants are welcome to contact me regarding positions for which you are seeking assistance. I am always happy to hear from you.

Please Contact Me via a forms mailer here and I will get back to you shortly. It helps to ensure that your mail actually gets to me. With spam in such quantities these days, the forms mailer is a better way to be sure I see your mail.

Thanks for coming by.

Thanks again for your interest!


Or for further information, feel free to CONTACT ME.

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