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Jerral Sapienza

Expert Handwriting Analist • Author • Speaker
Compliance Educator • Chaplain • Caregiving Educator
PO Box 3462 • Hillsboro, OR • 97123 • USA • (541) 343-1202

Are you looking for an enthusiastic speaker for your next Hospice Training who can keep your volunteers coming back interested and engaged, committed to learning and expressing What to Do, What to Say, How to Be at the bedside of a friend or loved one at the end of life?

Or perhaps your HR and Training Team retreat needs a little punch in the afternoon meeting to get people talking, thinking and engaging about new ways of relating to one another and understanding group dynamics?

Or looking to add a little spice to your radio show with an interesting speaker who can cover all kinds of topics from Personal and Business Relationships to Project Management to Mystical Experiences, Prayer, Near Death Studies, End of Life Caregiving, Graphology and Astrology?

Jerral is an animated and compassionate public speaker with an eclectic background and a passion for helping you reach your training goals. Author of books in Training and Personal Growth fields, he has for many years been speaking to audiences on a wide variety of Training and Inspirational topics.

Be in touch and let's arrange a workshop or appearance for YOU!

Recent topics have included:


    • Evolving Compassion in End of Life Care (workshop)
    • Caregivers Need Care, Too (keynote)
    • The Power of One in Caregiving Support (workshop)
    • Caregiver Self Care (ALS / Alzheimer's Support groups)
    • Caregiver Burnout (support group topic)
    • Journaling and Documenting for the End-of-Life Vigil (workshop)
    • Poetry and Writing as an aid to Caregiver Support

    Handwriting Analysis

    • Business and Personnel Uses of Handwriting Analysis
    • Handwiting for Health (Medical Conditions in Handwriting)
    • Hiring Write (Handwriting Uses for Employee Screening)
    • White Board and Handwriting Message Discrepancy (Business Handwriting Analysis)
    • Is Your Partner Write For You (Handwriting Analysis for Couples)
    • Basic Handwriting Analysis (High School Psych Classes)
    • Handwriting Analysis for Life Directions (High Schools)
    • Presence and Progression of Geriatric Dementia in Handwriting
    • Intro to QDE (Questioned Documents Examining)
    • Collection Techniques for Handwriting Samples/Archives (workshop)

    Spiritual Caregiving

    • Twelve Powers of End of Life Care (End of Life Care for Practical Christianity)
    • Life's Compass - A Personal and Business Mission Statement
    • Symbology of the Torch (Life Skills)

    Specific Links Between Training and His Books

    Jerral has worked for several years as a Caregiving Educator specializing in End-of-Life issues, growing largely out of his book, Urgent Whispers: Care of the Dying. Workshops, trainings and Continuing Medical Education (CME) / Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) sessions using URGENT WHISPERS: Care of the Dying as text or support material often mean he is on the road traveling between training venues.

    Jerral's caregiver support work has usually been with Cancer, ALS, Alzheimers and AIDS Patients, (and their families) or nursing home administrators, clergy leadership, and public agency employees who deal with direct support issues. The essence of his workshops and trainings is around helping to dispel the difficult hurdles of helping out at the bedside, helping to better inform the process so that anyone can know better What To Do, What To Say, and How To Be at the end-of-life bedside more effectively. Training materials are available for browsing and free download by visiting the URGENT WHISPERS publisher web sites.

    A very different topic group, one that spans interest levels from Weddings and Social Engagements to formal Business Retreats and Training Sites, is Jerral's work in Handwriting Analysis. It seems that people everywhere have an interest in the wisps and whispers of personality which emerge from handwriting, and there's no better presenter than Jerral Sapienza to bring people together and learning, growing and sharing with Handwriting Analysis studies. Jerral presents workshops, talks and discussion groups around Handwriting Analysis for Personal and Business uses, and equally brings mundane business meetings or milling crowds at a wedding reception together around a common interest in handwriting.

    As comfortable in business presentations with Powerpoint presentations on handwriting, or one-to-one chats about personal traits in a single guest's handwriting, Jerral often references his new book in the process, The Hand Behind The Word: Handwriting Analysis JAQS Style. THE HAND BEHIND THE WORD not only provides an excellent reference and discussion source for interesting topics in Handwriting, but also helps people understand the abbreviated sample format Jerral pioneered called called the JAQS Style, or Just A Quick Sample. It is currently growing in popularity as a standardized quick sample technique useful to professional and amateur analysts alike.

    Among the audiences for his Handwriting series are Business and Community groups, Schools, Psychologists and Counselors, Human Resource and Training groups, Dating and Matchmaking services and of course, the interested public at booksignings, fairs and libraries. People are always interested in learning more about themselves and their world. Handwriting Analysis is one of the most popular topics Jerral offers.

    The Back Story and Origins

    Fascinated with learning in a wide spectrum of fields, Jerral's technical education & professional career weaves through several very different subject fields, from Systems Engineering, to Foreign Languages and English Education, to Business Organization and Project Management.

    Not a part of his professional studies and yet always a part of his work vision and adaptation to relating to others in the workplace environment, Handwriting Analysis has always figured prominent in Jerral's view of the world. His passion and intrigue with Handwriting Analysis as a personal research application has never waned from his very early years. At age seven when he first learned to write cursive, he was fascinated with the subtextual emotional messages conveyed in handwriting, noticing only at the time that his second grade teacher's handwriting varied from day to day, as did her moods.

    And so, thanks to those moodswings of a second grade teacher and an alert young brain fascinated with taking in details of personalities around him, a lifelong interest in handwriting emerged that year.

    Also woven through many years of Jerral's personal backstory while engaged in pursuit of learning and working in the professional life: His personal passion for volunteer work for more than twenty years has found him in family caregiving and hospice work, called to the bedside of many end-of-life vigils for family and friends serving as primary caregivers.

    Born a child in and out of the hospital with grand mal epilepsy, Jerral learned early what it meant to be sometimes lost in the health care delivery system, shuttled back and forth between caregivers and clinicians, sometimes with compassion but more often than not a child treated at some distance by well-meaning but not always compassionate caregivers. Between epileptic episodes Jerrals was first and foremost a very active little boy, extraordinarily engaged and interested in all of life around him, not fitting into the label some seemed to like to give him, as "broken" or "delicate in nature." Sensitive and aware, yes. But definitely not broken. Direct descendent to those memories of feeling labeled and marginalized comes Jerral hospice and caregiver training reminders these days to "realize this is a whole and loving being whose body is ill."

    These days Jerral dedicates his full-time dedication to writing, public speaking and developing and presenting workshops for business and personal growth areas he had been doing part-time over the years. He also took the time to enhance his spiritual commitment to caring and reaching out by becoming a Chaplain.


    Please contact us via phone, fax, or Email address above if you'd like more information on bringing Jerral to your group or resort. Available for Trainings, Speaking Engagements or Private Presentations. Animated & informative presentations in Personal Growth & Interpersonal Topics from Poetry to Mysticism; Handwriting Analysis in Personal and Business Applications; NearDeath Experience; Death & Dying Isses and Caregiving; Automatic Writing; Telling Our Stories through Writing and Journaling; Symbology of the Torch; Dream & Conscious Journaling and others.
    Be In Touch.

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