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W h a t   i s   a   U n i t y   C h a p l a i n ?
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A celebration of our new Chaplain Program
at Unity of the Valley

Jerral Sapienza
			Chaplains in Unity serve in support, to
			Hold Sacred Space in a strong grounded way.
			Aligned in foundations of Unity Principles, their
			Presence will help you to pray.

			Life's traumas or dramas or sweet celebrations
			Are never too lofty or huge to address
			In prayerful communion with chaplains' attention, and 
			Never too minor to bless!

		Come, be heard, and let your stress release; 
		Our chaplain's prayers aloud can bring you peace!

We have a new Chaplaincy Program at my home church, Unity of the Valley here in Eugene. This is an expository poem to help folks know what the program can mean to them, and how we Chaplains can help out.

For more info about our church, see: http://WWW.UnityOfTheValley.org

Or for information about Unity Principles or to find a church in your area, visit the Association of Unity Churches main home pages at http://WWW.Unity.org

Information on Unity's Chaplain program is available at the home church originating the program, Unity of Phoenix, Arizona.

-J :-)

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