A Little Jerral Poetry

Origins and Examples of
the writings of   Jerral Sapienza
over the years...

    Ahh, Poetry.   Poetry has always been an important part of my life. As a child I always LOVED having someone read beautiful poetry to me. As a University student my studies wove through many different disciplines... Engineering, Business, Psychology, Counseling, Education, Foreign Langauges, Ballet, Accounting, Law...

I took a degree in English Education and taught for a while (and as of Spring 2004 just renewed my Teaching Certificate again after years of lapse!) I had moved into the world of Hospice, Handwriting, Computers & Engineering... worked in many different areas in many different roles.

But through it all there was always Poetry... read and written between jobs, between relationshps, in times of struggle, confusion, love, celebration.

    Some of my favorite poets include Emily Dickinson, William Butler Yeats, Poe, Shakespeare, Milton. I tend to prefer classical lyrical verse to the more free / open styles, and I also write lyrics for my own or other people's musical compositions.

One near-poetry-but-not-quite which sets forth some of my basic values is my Life's Compass from early 1996. I wrote this shortly after the death of Vern Ho, a dear friend of mine who for years had taunted me in his Business Consultant role, telling me I needed to have a "Mission Statement" for me, my companies, my life.   Ok... Fato! Done now; Vern would be happy! :-)

Taking a look at the Mission Statement, you'll find these things woven into and through most of my poetry. And other topics: Clouds, Eternity, Shadows, Spiritual Questioning, Love & Loss... These are some of the recurring themes in my poetry... but then, these are not exactly original, nor news to many poets!

I have stacks & stacks & books and books of quite literally hundreds or maybe even thousands of my poems over the thrity-something years I've been writing. But I've pulled together some for display here on the web of my favorites. These are a few of my more popular, the main attractions in bold  
I list here some of my other work, too... Some select Short Story, Book and Song pieces which are representative of other works. Perhaps more later as I get it formatted for the web?

My POETRY:     Title Date
Amathax Cowboy   0311
Canopy   8608
Cues and Memories   9011
Death's Whore   0307
Defending America's Grace"   0108
Eternites Aloft   8808
A 4 Minute Work   0608
Full Moon   8704
La Bella Vita   0305
Leslie   8005
Life's Compass   9603
The Loser Within II   0211
Love Is   (Jewel of Love)   9809
Love Is A Fish   0303
Man of Stone     0305
Oh, Busy One! (for Marley)   0202
My Stone Cast of Millions   8102
My Torment is Back  0311
Mysteries Within   8712
Nature Turns Her Back   8705
No Ordinary Moment   9411
On Solitude   7111
On Watching in Silence
My Time Slip By  
Our Corner in Time   8812
Path of 31     8605
A Poem For Amy   8812
Recognizing The True FriendWithin   0108
Requiem for Scott   9503
Satin Song of Morning   8706
Saturday Evening Wanderer   9902
Sonnet for Susan   7905
Sweet Madness   8708
The Temple   0105
This Gift Of Time   8812
Two Roads   0105
Unity of the Valley   0305
Visions of Man   8809
The Voice   8912
What is a Unity Chaplain?   0305
My SHORT STORIES:    Title Date
    Tyler's Vision       0304


My BOOKS:    Title Date
Care of the Dying
The Hand Behind The Word
Handwriting Analysis JAQS* Style


My LYRICS and MUSIC:    Title

Hear .wav sound files
  Amy Get Your Butt Home!  
(An Irish Jig: Amy)
8MHz  11MHz   wav file
Eugene Anthem:
City of Twinke Van Winkle
8MHz  11MHz   wav file
Know Where You Belong
Appalachian Blues
8MHz  11MHz   wav file
Mysteries Within
(the caterpillar song)
A Children's Song
8MHz  11MHz   wav file


My PRAYERS / SERMONS    Title Date
A Springtime Prayer
A February Love Prayer
Happy New Year 2004
above, as a Greeting Card!
in .PDF format.
  A Thanksgiving Prayer  
A Unity Prayer
  Time of My Life talk     (MS Word doc)
Time of My Life talk     (HTML)

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